Chemotherapy Order Management System (COMS)

Full Oncology Treatment application

Chemotherapy Ordering Management System (COMS) is a web-based application that is fully integrated with VistA and NoSQL data sources. It provides a standard processing for integrated patient treatment management, template creation and sharing, pharmacy ordering, drug administration, patient scheduling, and treatment reports for Oncology practice.

Overall COMS Functionality:

  • Chemotherapy Template Order Source - a central library of chemotherapy regimen templates that allows providers to download and modify on local level
  • Order Entry Management - a user-friendly system that provides dose calculation transparency and consistency of ordering regardless of treatment location
  • Nursing Documentation - a document of drug administration that fulfills legal/professional requirements and fulfills Joint Commission compliance
  • Flow Sheet - a patient-centered documentation of the administration of chemotherapy through relevant documentation and efficient display of information for multiple providers
  • End of Treatment Summary - a chronological history of diagnosis, treatment, changes in treatment, tumor response and patient outcomes that take 10-15 minutes to complete